What is subacute versus post-acute care?

Subacute refers to conditions that fall in the area between acute and chronic. Post-acute is recovery care that follows a traditional hospital stay. In either case, it involves a period of recovery and rehabilitation.

What is the difference between a hospital and a rehabilitation facility?

A hospital’s goal is to stabilize a patient’s health. A rehabilitation facility focuses on improving a patient’s overall functionality, providing therapy and treatment that will help them achieve a maximum level of functionality.

What kinds of rehabilitation therapy are there?

At Briarcliff, we provide five types of treatment.

  • Physical Therapy – Physical therapy is designed to help a patient reacquire mobility, motor skills, or basic muscle use.
  • Occupational Therapy – Occupational therapy helps patients to perform everyday activities, from job functions to sports to skills and hobbies.
  • Speech Therapy – Patients who are post-stroke and/or presenting with other neurological disorders may lose some or all of their ability to speak. When this happens, a speech therapist can help them relearn their language and communication skills.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

How do you provide care?

An interdisciplinary team of professionals is available for each type of rehabilitation to provide comprehensive care and assist in each patient’s recovery. Moreover, we have a professional staff that includes physicians, nurses, dieticians, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and pharmacists.

Is this process covered by my insurance?

We accept most forms of insurance. Our business office manager will assist you in payment information. Types of payment include Medicare, managed care coverage, insurance, and private pay