Staff Testimonials

Amber Smith, COTA, Therapy Program Manager, 5 years of experience and has worked in skilled nursing, IRF, home health, hospital, sub-acute, outpatient, and pediatrics.

“I love my job because it doesn’t feel like a job at all-helping people reach their goals and getting them home or functional in their environment is my passion. I love people and love to work with them as I continuously learn new things daily. We may teach our patients things, but they teach us many things without even knowing!”

Maria Pasternak, PTA 7 years of experience and has worked in skilled nursing facilities, outpatient, home health, IRF and sub-acute facilities.

“Physical Therapy is my love because seeing people gain back their independence brings joy to my heart. There is more joy in giving than receiving.”

Jamila Roberts, PTA 5 years of experience and has worked in skilled nursing facilities, pediatrics and outpatient therapy.

“I like helping people achieve their goals. I also enjoy continuous learning process of treating patients with various diagnosis.”