Briarcliff’s Story & Philosophy

In 2014 Sterling Healthcare, a division of Menora Financial Company took an old healthcare facility and invested $4 million to make it a first-class rehabilitation and subacute care facility on the West side of South Bend. This building would become our premium rehabilitation facility known as Briarcliff Health and Rehabilitation Center. In this remodeling effort, Menora Financial wanted to instill the ideology of “Dedicated Commitment to Quality Care”. This message was integrated into the remodeling process and continues to be reflected in our staff and operations. The structure was originally built in 1968 and was thus in need of modernization to support the current Federal and State requirements, and new technologies in therapies, wound, and nursing care. The remodeling effort included modernizing the façade, as well as the internal structure of the building, while also implementing the latest therapeutic techniques and amenities. 71 semi-private rooms, as well as customized care services, such as a bariatric unit, were all included in the remodeling effort. The goal of this endeavor was to increase affordable access to premium care. Since opening the new Briarcliff, we have served patients from the West side of South Bend, spanning to New Carlisle, Lydick, Crumstown, New Prairie, Lakeville, and North Liberty, with an exceptional rate of success.

One of the most important decisions to make after a surgery, illness or injury is what rehabilitation setting is best for your personal needs. Our philosophy at Briarcliff is propelled by a need to offer quality care and compassion to accommodate your needs. Our entire team recognizes that each patient is an individual, with individualized expectations and goals. We want to be there for both you and your family to aid in reaching these healthcare milestones. Rehabilitation is a team effort.  Our staff seeks to integrate families into our team at every possible step of the way. Through this process, we work with you and your loved ones to reach true physical, spiritual and emotional health.